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10 Days in the Bible Ideas

Here are a couple ideas to help you apply your Bible study time to your life:


SOAP Bible Study Plan:

    • S - Scripture - read the Bible passage slowly.  Which verses stand out to your today?
    • O - Observe - What truths, warnings, commands, or guiding principles do you find in this passage?  What is God showing you today?
    • A - Apply - Time to make this study personal.  How do the things you have observed make a difference in your life today and tomorrow?  How can your life be different/better because of this passage?
    • P - Pray - Take a few moments and pray about the things you have just learned, and ask God to make them a part of your life.
    • (Some people write down these short thoughts in a journal to help remember and solidify them in their mind)


“One Passage” Questions:

(Some questions to keep in mind as you read)

    • What is one passage that encourages you? How does it encourage you?
    • What is one passage that inspires you? How does it inspire you?
    • What is one passage that convicts you of sin? How does it convict you?
    • What is one passage that challenges you to change? How does it challenge you?

 - compiled by Pastor Greg Hudson

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